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Girl kissing boy neck

Kissing is the soul of every relationship. It is another form of expressing love and no relationship is complete without kissing. However, there are different types of kissing that have different meanings. Of all the kisses, one of the most passionate and intimate kisses is the neck kissing. This is also a way to take things to sex and not just stick to kissing.


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Updated: July 5, References. Kissing your partner's neck can be a cute way to show your affection, or it can be a sexy move that initiates foreplay and leads to something more.

You can kiss your partner's neck in a variety of places and can even mix things up with licking and biting if the mood calls for it. Aim for the sensitive parts of their neck, such as where their neck connects to their shoulder and collarbone or on the front left or right under their jaw. Once you've teased them a bit by stroking their neck, use your mouth to turn the heat up. Go slowly to make your partner savor every second. You can also breathe onto their skin and drag your lips across their neck in between kisses, which will drive them crazy with pleasure.

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Together, they cited information from 5 references. Learn more Perform a Variety of Neck-Kissing Techniques. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Stroke your partner's neck with your fingers. Lightly stroke your partner's neck with the tips of your fingers. This will begin to turn on your partner and may even make her shiver with pleasure. Stroke the area that you plan to kiss and your partner will feel even more pleasure when you kiss her there.

Kiss your partner on a sensitive part of her neck. One of the most sensitive parts of the neck is the where the neck connects with the shoulder and collarbone. Another sensitive part of the neck is the front left or right side. But almost any part of the neck is sensitive and susceptible to your kisses. Don't just stand apart from your partner and lean in to kiss her neck.

Instead, wrap your arms around her if you're facing her, or wrap your arms around her from behind if you're kissing her from behind. Method 2 of Wet your lips for a closed-mouth kiss. First, wet your lips with your tongue just enough so that they're soft. Then, gently kiss any part of your partner's neck with a closed mouth, as if you were giving your partner a close-mouthed kiss on the lips.

You can start by kissing the area where your partner's neck meets her shoulders or collarbone, resting your lips on the curved groove. Kiss your partner's neck with an opened mouth. Slowly open your mouth in between kisses, and begin to kiss your partner's neck with an open mouth, separating your lips as you gently kiss her skin.

You can also move up and down your partner's neck to add some variety. Breathe some hot air on your partner's neck in between kisses. This will drive your partner crazy with pleasure. If you're really getting into it, lick your partner's neck from the bottom to the top. Use only the tip of your tongue and be very gentle.

Make sure your partner is enjoying this sensation. Do not do this if it's your first time kissing this person. Confirm it with them first if you're interested, but only do this if you've kissed their neck before or you have some experience with it. This goes for blowing air or using your tongue, and especially for biting and sucking. If it's your very first time, just stick with open and closed mouth kisses. Do this so that you and your partner can discuss anything else that the two of you would be interested in doing.

Slow down. Give your partner slow wet kisses so she can really feel the sensations. You can focus on kissing one area of the neck or move all around her neck. Try kissing near her ear -- this is another sensitive area. Blowing hot air near the ear will drive your partner wild as well. Suck gently on your partner's neck. Gently suck on your partner's neck for just one or two seconds at a time. Just don't do it too quickly or you'll leave a hickey, and your partner may not be into that.

You can suck on your partner's neck in between close-mouthed or open-mouthed kisses. Be very careful of hickeys. Sucking and biting is very likely to result in a hickey, and that may get both of you in some very serious trouble. Gently bite your partner's neck. After you've been kissing your partner's neck for a while, try gently biting her skin. If you're careful, you can bite a little bit of skin in between your teeth and gently lift it before lowering it.

Remember to take it easy with this one -- at first, you may catch your partner by surprise. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. This is best done when you have been kissing for a while and you turn your face to his or her neck.

Helpful 17 Not Helpful 2. Sucking may result in a hickey no matter how lightly, so make sure your partner is comfortable with that ahead of time.

Helpful 22 Not Helpful 1. Licking or biting is more advisable after you're really comfortable with your partner. Don't try it the first time you kiss your partner's neck. Helpful 9 Not Helpful 3. Make sure the kiss isn't dry. Be sure to keep your lips moistened through the night just to be safe.

Keep a chap stick in your pocket and stay hydrated with water throughout the day and you will be good to go! Helpful 17 Not Helpful 1. Don't make the kiss too dry but don't make it too wet. Some women don't like a slobber mouth. Helpful 12 Not Helpful 0. Kissing, sucking, and bitting your partners neck could likely result in your partner getting turned on. Be sure that you are in an appropriate place in your relationship before trying this as it can easily be seen as a sign of getting intimate.

Check with your partner beforehand. If you want to bite your partner's neck, make sure to do it very, very gently. Not only will a rough bite to the neck be a turn off, but it could really hurt your partner. Helpful Not Helpful Related wikiHows. About This Article. Co-Authored By:.

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The Truth About Why Neck Kisses Feel So Effing Good

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! When you decide to kiss a girl that you have been finding yourself attracted to, you already know that it is such an act of vulnerability, both for the giver and receiver. That is why it is very important for you to be thoughtful and in the moment when you give any kiss. Kissing another person is obviously an act that is full of emotional intimacy.

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Neck kissing opens the door to your sexual desires. How is this possible? The skin is delicate and the nerve endings are so plentiful that even the slightest graze can send your partner into a sensational flurry. Whether it is a new fling or long-term relationship, your partner will appreciate your expert touch and skilled navigation of getting him riled up. Any touching and kissing on the neck will produce a reaction, but there are ways to make the moments last longer and more memorable.

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You and your partner are kissing and it's starting to get more intense Things are steaming up and your partner suddenly starts making their way down to your neck. Sounds pretty standard, right? I mean, neck kisses have been a pretty widely accepted part of hooking up since we got our first hickeys back in high school. But what are they, really?

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Updated: July 5, References. Kissing your partner's neck can be a cute way to show your affection, or it can be a sexy move that initiates foreplay and leads to something more. You can kiss your partner's neck in a variety of places and can even mix things up with licking and biting if the mood calls for it.

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Girl kisses the guy in the neck.


Jan 4, - Guys love it when you run your fingers through their hair. You can move then around his neck and ears and then slide them down to his chest and.


11 Tips to Kiss a Guy On the Neck


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How To Kiss A Girl’s Neck


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