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How can i get my girlfriend citizenship

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To become a sponsor, you must promise to financially take care of the persons you are sponsoring for a period of time. We call this promise an undertaking. Also, you and your sponsored family members need to agree to certain responsibilities during the undertaking period. We call this the sponsorship agreement. You only need to show that you have enough money to meet the income requirements if:. There may be other reasons that make you ineligible to sponsor your spouse, partner or child.

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Marriage Visitor visa

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You met during your exotic vacation to a faraway land and fell madly in love. It sounds like the plot of a reality series, but it could happen to you. The road to citizenship can be a long one. Each step involves time and lots of documentation. Be careful during this process: improper disclosure and inaccuracies can delay or prevent residency or citizenship. The U. Depending on the status of your relationship, you may not encounter all the steps outlined below.

This permanent resident status is conditional for individuals granted a green card within two years of marriage.

The conditional status can be removed after two years of marriage. Green cards are typically valid for 10 years and must be renewed. Despite the name, permanent resident status may be lost due to non-residency, failure to file taxes or voluntary withdrawal.

Naturalization is the process of a permanent resident becoming a full citizen. Not all spouses will meet the eligibility requirements to become citizens, which include that the applicant must:.

After the spousal residency requirement of three years has been met and an application has been filed, the naturalization process takes about six months to complete. An interview and citizenship test are required to complete the process. If approved for citizenship, your spouse will take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony.

This ceremony is presided over by a judge or administrative officer. This final step is required to complete the naturalization process.

Once a citizen, your spouse can apply for a U. Marriages for the purpose of evading U. Marriage fraud is a federal crime. Sometimes U. The Center for Immigration Studies notes that middle-aged men seem to be the biggest target for these scams and points out warning signs that your relationship may be fraudulent include your significant other pushing you to marry quickly, focusing primarily on the benefits to him or her of getting U.

Seek the advice of trusted friends and family when considering an international marriage. International marriage laws can vary greatly. Foreign countries may require parental consent, residency and affidavits of eligibility to marry. Navigating your new relationship can be hard enough.

Add the struggle of navigating visas and resident status, and you have a whole new level of difficulty. Seek support as you begin this citizenship journey. If you encounter difficulties with the visa and immigration process, consider seeking legal support. They can also review your immigration application and documents and help you prepare for immigration hearings. Obtain resident status for your new spouse. Go through the United States naturalization process.

Be at least 18 years old. Have a green card for at least three years. Live in the state where filing the application for at least three months before applying. Have been in the United States for at least 18 months of the last three years before applying and reside continuously in the United States from the moment of applying until naturalization.

Read, write and speak English. Understand civics knowledge of U. Other things to know before you marry someone from another country. Think before you commit marriage fraud. Planning to get married in another country? Looking for immigration support? Local community support is available in many forms. English language learning and citizenship classes are common offerings.

Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is committed to offering programs and referrals to assist immigrants. Search the Learning Center. Legal Glossary Find definitions of legal terms. Immigrating to the United States? Common Immigration Questions Answered.

US Visas for Spouses

Once you and a U. You are no longer considered an F-1 non-immigrant but a prospective immigrant. After marriage, you must apply to adjust your status to permanent residency through USCIS to receive the benefits of residency which allow you to live and work in the U.

Other Visa Categories. Visa: Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country.

When a U. First, the U. This petition is the IF petition. The primary requirements of the IF petition are to prove that: 1 the petitioner is a U. After approval of the IF petition, the second step is for the non-U.

Marrying a Citizen of Colombia? How to Get a Green Card for Your New Spouse

Marriage to a U. It will likely make you eligible for immigration benefits, but you must file the necessary paperwork with the U. Department of Homeland Security in order to secure the right to remain in the United States. You have the option of becoming a U. The U. We suggest that you read the following pages:. Read this information, then write down your questions. You should also review all of the instructions for the forms you must submit. The instructions include important information not found elsewhere about how to complete each form as well as the numerous supporting documents you will be required to submit with some of the forms. Be sure to write down any questions you have about the forms or the documents you must submit with the forms.

British Citizenship by Marriage

Call U. Foreigners are already in the U. Some are on student visas going to school for years. Others work in the U. Still others are on visitor visas for short stays.

Use our online system to apply for selected visas or check visa details.

We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. You do not need a Marriage Visitor visa to convert your civil partnership into a marriage - you can apply for a Standard Visitor visa.

Common Questions

You met your girlfriend outside of Canada, and it was love at first sight. Think again - sometimes sponsoring someone to come to Canada can be quite complicated. Read on to learn about what it takes to sponsor your girlfriend or significant other to come to Canada.

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You met during your exotic vacation to a faraway land and fell madly in love. It sounds like the plot of a reality series, but it could happen to you. The road to citizenship can be a long one. Each step involves time and lots of documentation. Be careful during this process: improper disclosure and inaccuracies can delay or prevent residency or citizenship. The U.

Fiancé(e) (K1) or spouse of U.S. citizens (K3)

To petition your fiance for a K-1 visa, you must meet 5 simple requirements. Only US citizens may petition for a fiance visa. Green card holders are not eligible. You must prove that you intend to marry your fiance within 90 days of their arrival to the United States. You and your fiance must prove that you are legally free to marry and that any previous marriages have been legally terminated by divorce, death or annulment.

Mar 21, - What is your visa situation? I am a dependant on my partner's Student visa or other temporary visa (for example subclass , or visa).

Congratulations on your engagement! Department of Homeland Security. For engaged couples, there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these two options. Read on for a clear comparison of the two processes. Learn more , or check your eligibility without providing any personal or financial information.

Do I become a Canadian citizen when I marry a Canadian?

Call U. My girlfriend of six years who lives in Germany is thinking about moving here permanently. We are not ready to get married, yet.

Fiancé(e) Visa

The process of applying for permanent residence based on marriage is complicated. Many international faculty, staff, and visitors at Indiana University have questions about it. We have gathered some of the most frequent questions and have provided helpful answers below. The application page may answer more of your questions.

It is conditional for two years.

Start your personalised immigration advice session to receive the answers and information you need. British citizenship by marriage is a fundamental step for foreign spouses who wish to settle in the UK with their partners. Once you are a naturalized British citizen, you will be able to live and work in the UK free from immigration controls. It must be noted that this route to British citizenship is only available for those who are married or in a civil partnership with a UK national, providing that they have held Indefinite Leave to Remain for at least three years. Get in touch with our team of professional immigration lawyers to learn more about our British citizenship advice services.

5 Requirements to Qualify for a K-1 Fiancé Visa


Sponsor your spouse, partner or child: check if you’re eligible


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