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How to stop being needy girl

Did you know that there is nothing as deadly a mistake in dating than being a needy girlfriend? Thank you. My question about love and relationship is: how can I learn to control my own feelings and emotions? At the beginning the guys are crazy about me but then soon I am crazy about them and I want more, more and more….


5 Ways To Stop Being A Needy Girlfriend

I need advice on how to stop being a needy girlfriend and how to be strong in myself and my relationship. Being anxious in love is normal, and fixable. And the bad news? There is none! To truly heal and grow strong, you need to learn as much as you can about anxious attachment in love. But if you find yourself constantly on the alert, anxious, or worried when it comes to your relationship, you may suffer from anxious attachment style.

This is a fear of abandonment that is often rooted in early childhood experiences. We learn how love and relationships work from our mom and dad. We learn what type of love we deserve, and what we can expect from the world.

For example, I grew up without a dad and my mom was mentally ill. The avoidant style is directly opposite to the anxious attachment style. Our childhoods are incredibly powerful, and they teach us to anxiously attach the case for needy girlfriends , avoid intimacy in relationships the case for me and others will avoidant attachment style , or develop a healthy attachment in love which my husband learned from his parents. But, knowing the basic definition of Attachment Theory can help you understand yourself — and your boyfriend — better.

According to Attachment Theory, our early relationships with our parents have an effect on our expectations of our later relationships. Our childhood and adult relationships are not identical…but our close childhood relationships form expectations about the world and ourselves. This sets the stage for how we relate to our partners in our adult love relationships. They feel like a burden…and as a result, they actually become a burden in relationships ouch!

They developed unhealthy independence on themselves, and learned not to trust anyone. They need lots of space in their love relationships and they tend to push people away. Those who fall into this category view themselves as unworthy and undeserving of love this was definitely me! From what? Anticipated rejection! Are you a needy girlfriend in a relationship with a boyfriend who is avoidant? This is a normal relationship pattern that happens surprisingly often.

Nor did I mention why opposites attract. This is an important tip on how to stop being a needy girlfriend, because it will increase your awareness and understanding of unhealthy relationships. This is a toxic relationship because one partner such as a needy girlfriend is always pursuing and chasing. The other partner such as an avoidant or distant boyfriend is always running away and hiding. In fact, psychologists call it the Anxious-Avoidant Trap.

You yearn for closeness, love, affection, and reassurance that your relationship is secure. You are simply trying to fulfill your natural desire for love, connection, and closeness with your boyfriend.

And your avoidant boyfriend — what is his response? The more you yearn for closeness, the more he dodges and avoids your text messages, phone calls, love notes, emails, hugs. Maybe your boyfriend even acts like he lost interest by not returning your text messages. Your boyfriend dances away from you as you try to dance closer.

Your boyfriend loves you, though. He is scared of getting hurt so he avoids you and calls you a needy girlfriend…but he really does need your love and affection. What do you believe about yourself? Do you feel anxious and insecure in your relationships, scared and uncertain?

Learn more about attachment styles in love. Discover the roots of your neediness in relationships. Own the fact that you are a needy girlfriend right now because you have an anxious attachment style in love.

If you feel ashamed or embarrassed because of your anxiety and insecurity about love, deal with it. You can do this, you got this. Which could happen. Give him a book on attachment styles in love. Give your boyfriend time and space to think about your newfound growth and wisdom. Allow him to respond honestly. Your relationship with your boyfriend, your growth towards healing, your life and emotional health and even your neediness and anxiety about love!

Can you be with him — exactly as he is right now — and can you learn how to stop being a needy girlfriend at the same time? Is this relationship life-giving, healthy, and meaningful to you? Is your boyfriend willing to change — or at least talk about your relationship? You got this. You are not alone. You can handle this. Maybe your relationship will end.

Maybe you regret searching for tips on how to stop being a needy girlfriend. Until now. A freebie! Get the love you need from God. He is the engine that is running this universe, He is the giver of life and love, He is the creator of everything beautiful and holy in this world — including you!

And He loves you. You may not feel His love, but boy does He care about you. He will never abandon or reject you. He created you to be in relationship with Him, and He wants you to be healthy, whole, and secure.

A boyfriend or husband will never, ever make you feel unconditionally loved and accepted — not the way God can. In Attached , Levine and Heller help readers determine what attachment style they and their mate or potential mate follow anxious versus avoidant attachment styles and offer a road map for building stronger, more fulfilling connections with the people they love.

This is a powerful technique that can help you recognize your negative thoughts or unhealthy behavior patterns in relationships, and respond to them in a nurturing way. You can develop the skills needed to stop you from reverting back to old patterns of neediness and possessiveness.

What do you think of these tips and resources on how to stop being a needy girlfriend? Writing often brings clarity and insight, and can help you process your feelings.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This article was exactly what I needed to read. I was that woman — the needy girlfriend. However, things have changed drastically. Once I was willing to come to terms with the fact that I was needy and that it was only hurting me, I decided to read up on it, get some feedback from my support system, and make some tweaks.

Learning about men as well has helped to lessen the degree of neediness. Men are not the type to gravitate toward someone who they feel will bring them issues. Needy women tend to be unhappy because their partner is quite the opposite, this stirs up trouble, and men run. Slow down. I would race to text him in the past, but now I take my time.

I have other priorities. I will get to him when I am free. Stop asking for validation. Do you love me? Is this something that you like? I know my boyfriend loves me. If I have to ask that question, then I need to evaluate what I am doing with him. If you are feeling vulnerable, step away from everyone, go somewhere private, and do some breathing techniques. Then give yourself a quick pep talk. Trust me. It works. Good luck! Wow… This article really hit home with me. At first, he gave me so much attention and made me feel so good about myself!

Then after I fell for him, he gradually started pulling away. I can definitely see the dance you talked about in this article.

12 Ways To Stop Yourself From Becoming That Needy Girlfriend And Be Confident And Strong Instead

Feeling clingy, sensitive and insecure in your relationship? Those feelings can turn you into "the needy girlfriend. The one who texts constantly to know where her guy is out of fear she's being ignored, or worse, cheated on. The one who clogs up his Facebook wall with sweet nothings and talks incessantly about getting married. That one.

Trust me, you need to read this article. Because I was that needy girl.

This kind of behavior will inevitably potentially ruin your relationship. Here are my tips and tricks! Have some faith girl. Continue to live your independent life. Be that YOU!

How Do I Stop Being a Needy Girlfriend?

Are you one of the needy women that men avoid? A girlfriend once told me in a very exhausted and emotional manner, that there were plenty of men who pursued her yet they were all quick to disappear. In a nutshell, a needy woman is someone who will do everything and anything to please a man. And because she gives everything, she requires the man to reciprocate it. Men are happy to receive. The more they can get away with, the better. If you want him to love you, learn how to capture his heart and love you forever. Neediness is also a reflection of your self-esteem and self-confidence, security, self-respect and overall happiness. I spent the last couple of months studying personality types and how each personality type behave in a relationship. I discovered that while neediness can be attributed to attachment disorder, low self-esteem caused by many different factors , and a lack of emotional balance this one deserves an entire blog post of its own , your personality type is actually a good identifier if you have a tendency to be needy.

How To Stop Being A Stage-Five Clinger

I need advice on how to stop being a needy girlfriend and how to be strong in myself and my relationship. Being anxious in love is normal, and fixable. And the bad news? There is none!

Now, before you get all offended, let us tell you two things: 1. Hartwell's argument: That a woman becomes needy only when a man stops making her feel secure in the relationship, and that there are five very simple things a man can do to bring his girlfriend's sense of security back.

Have you ever been described as needy or clingy? Do you get so excited about a new friendship or relationship that you bombard the other person with attention, only to find that the person starts to seem distant? If you find yourself wanting to call, text, or e-mail someone a whole lot more than they contact you, you've probably figured out that neediness is a turn-off to most people.

51 Traits of Needy Women That Turn Men Off


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4 Ways to Stop Being Needy and Start Being Confident


Oct 22, - published a story this week about how to transform your needy, clingy girlfriend back into the cool chick she seemingly was when.


10 Ways to Stop Being a Needy Girlfriend and Feel Confident Again







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