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When i miss my boyfriend i cry

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I was terrified to. After several years of actively suppressing my feelings, a particularly traumatic year washed over me and I began to crack open. Over the last few years, I have made friends with the full spectrum of my emotional self, and accepted it all once more. My sadness and I are now good friends. So are me and anger. And grief , and joy , and all of them.

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I love writing about relationships, love, romance, and flirting. I hope you find the advice in my articles useful. Being apart from someone you care about can be tough, especially if you two share a deep bond and you do many activities together.

Not having your boyfriend around for a substantial period can seem like torture at times. However, instead of letting yourself be consumed by sadness, find a more positive mindset. It is important for you to accept that being apart from your boyfriend is healthy, you both need some time on your own. Wanting to have some time to yourself is not a bad thing and it is part of any healthy, long-term relationship. In this article, I have listed some things you can do to take your mind off of missing your boyfriend, and these activities will keep you occupied until he returns to you.

Send your emotions out to your boyfriend in a sweet text, and let him know how much you are missing him. Write something cute and end your mushy line with a cute emoji. If you can't think of anything to write, just send an emoji by itself. He will reply back in kind. Even short and wordless conversations like these will be a soothing balm for your aching heart. The great thing about modern technology is that you can keep in touch with him even if he is halfway across the world.

While you do not want to obsessively text him, maintaining contact with him is a great way to stay connected even while he is away. A text is a great way to do this because he can respond to it at a convenient time, even if it's while you're asleep! There is nothing like waking up to a cute text from your boyfriend! Hang out with your girlfriends; that will take your mind off how much you're missing him. Call up some of your besties and hang out together. Go out for a coffee, go shopping, go to the movies, or just have a sleepover with your friends.

The laughs, the smiles, and the gossip will help put a stop to the anxiety about being away from your guy. Plan out a day trip and find someplace scenic to go to with your girlfriends. Having an active day filled with adventure is a great way to take your mind off how much you miss your man. As a bonus you can leave your phone at home so that you won't be distracted: you can just immerse yourself in whatever it is you and your girlfriends are doing. Missing him too much? Put your anxiety to rest by giving him a quick call.

Be honest and tell him that you called just because you were missing him. Guys are typically not the masters of two-minute mushy talks, but listening to his voice even for a short time will surely bring a smile to your face.

You can also try face-timing him to make it a little more realistic or use Skype or something similar. Hearing his voice is great but seeing his face is even better. Keep in mind this may be tricky depending on what part of the world your man is in, you certainly don't want to wake him up with a call in the middle of the night.

Plan out a time when the two of you can talk and go for it. Emotional highs and lows are known to bring out the best when it comes to creativity. When you miss your boyfriend terribly, channel your emotional ups and downs by doing something creative. The best way to go about this is to focus on a hobby like playing the guitar, painting, writing, dancing, or sketching. Your intense mood will bring out the best in you. Give a fun twist to this exercise by recording a video of your creative outburst and sending it to your boyfriend if you want.

Figure out a good strategy that gets your creative juices flowing: maybe light a candle or two, or go out in the backyard. Have some type of goal in mind for what you are going to create and see what happens. You'd be surprised by how much time flies when you're working on a creative project.

Lighten up the sad expression on your face by thinking about the next time you will see your boyfriend. A little fantasy will help you convert the frustration of missing him into beautiful thoughts.

This is helpful especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. From planning dates to cuddling afterward, thinking about the time you will finally see your boyfriend again will send you into a beautiful trance. Don't overthink it too much though; you don't want to obsess about every little detail, just know that your boyfriend will return soon enough and you two will be able to do plenty of exciting and fun things.

Have a positive outlook on the situation and understand that while at the moment you may be sad that your man is not around, the feeling you will get on that first day he comes back will be magical. Sometimes, all a crying heart needs is an outlet. If you are feeling low and depressed because you are missing your boyfriend a bit too much, talk to your best friend.

Better yet, if you are close to your sister or someone else in your family, talk to them. Talking won't change the fact that you are away from your boyfriend, but simply speaking to someone who can understand your emotions will instantly make you feel lighter. The reassuring words of your best friend will put you at ease and help you go on about your normal routine.

Talking to someone you love and trust is a big stress-reliever, as they can help you work through the intense emotions you are feeling. Additionally, if your family member or friend is older than you, they may have some sagely wisdom to impart to you about your situation.

The easiest way to stop yourself from spiraling down into the frustration of missing your boyfriend constantly is to keep yourself busy. Here are a few ideas:. In general, just find something to do and just keep yourself busy. Apart from being the most productive solution to your problem, this will help you catch up on stuff that you have been procrastinating about for a long time. We all have those projects and responsibilities we have been putting off for another day, and with your boyfriend gone, you have the time to finish what you've started.

If you are missing your partner in a long-distance relationship, one of the best ways to channel your emotions without making a fuss about it is to write letters by hand. This also works if your man is going to be away for a number of weeks and you know the address he is staying at.

Writing a love letter by hand is one of the most emotionally pacifying things you will ever experience. Pull out all your emotions from the deepest corner of your heart and write touching messages to your long-distance partner.

Tell your boyfriend to reply by writing a letter too. These romantic letters will be a sweet keepsake and reading them will bring a smile to your face. Swiping through pictures of yourself and your boyfriend on your iPad is not going to help your cause. It will push you deeper into the emotional turmoil you are already in.

If you must, flip through a couple of pictures quickly. Don't keep gazing at them, or else you could be lost in the heartbreaking sadness of not having your guy by your side.

Take this same approach with the rest of your life, it is not healthy to constantly think about your man, you have to go out and live your life. If you find yourself daydreaming too much about your boyfriend, find something else to occupy your mind. One mistake that girls make in a relationship is trying hard to fight the feeling of attachment. Don't see yourself as being clingy or needy if you miss your boyfriend.

On the contrary, feel good about your relationship, and be happy about the fact that the puppy love between you two is still thriving. Missing your guy is a completely natural thing, and there is no reason why you should be embarrassed about it.

Be grateful for the fact that you get to have such an amazing man in your life. Many people in the world are searching for what you have, so it's something to cherish. Taking the time out of your day to get some exercise in is a great way to occupy your mind. There are numerous health benefits that come with exercising, whether it's something high-intensity or low-intensity.

Going out for a relaxing run or hike can really soothe your aching heart. You can also bring some of your friends with you to make it even more fun and exciting. Having a group of people putting in the work with you can make it much more manageable and make it less boring. Instead of staying cooped up inside all day pining for your man, pick a spot that you want to travel to that is nearby.

Getting lost in nature or in the sights and sounds of a big city is a great way to calm your mind and stop thinking about how much you miss your boyfriend. While going solo may seem frightening at first, it actually feels quite relaxing to be out by yourself exploring. There are many reasons why you miss your boyfriend, and many of them are normal and part of a healthy relationship. There are also some reasons why you miss your boyfriend that are not the healthiest. These reasons may be indicative of obsessive behavior which is not healthy for the relationship.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. What if the only way you were going to see your boyfriend was at a camp but you find out that the camp dates won't work with your schedule and he lives in a different state?

Cant live without him i swear. I like the pictures of the words it helps when you read the words as you look at the pictures.

He went to Costa Rica for a week once and it was torture to be without him for so long. My boyfriend is off on a family trip, and has no wifi. For three weeks! I'm used to not seeing him everyday we aren't in the same class most of the time, and with school breaks , but I usually talk to him at night about how our days went and anything else. I miss him so much, but this article definitely helped! I love my boyfriend so much he's so sweet he came up behind me today and gave me a hug and then put his baseball hat on me backwards.

Thank you for this article.

I cry when I miss my boyfriend, fix?

Be the first guy to share an opinion and earn 1 more Xper point! Guy's Behavior. I really don't think its from being clingy, because I'm not a big fan of PDA and if we can't hang out its not huge, yeah I'm a little sad, but just like if it was any other friend.

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Are you sick and tired of longing for your absent boyfriend? We cover all this in the article below. However, before you dive into this extensive guide, you need to read the next few sentences carefully. I want to tell you about a little-known aspect of male psychology, which has a dramatic effect on how men feel about the women in their life.

I cry because I miss my boyfriend so much... Is that weird?

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How to Feel Better When You Miss Your Boyfriend: 12 Tips

I just spent the night with him last night. I haven't seen him since this morning and I miss him terribly. I'm gonna be able to see him Thursday and Saturday. That's when we're hanging out. Haha I just wish I could spend every second with him!

Man thinking on a train journey.

Sometimes, my boyfriend and I don't see each other for a week, sometimes two weeks because we're both busy with school and stuff. But when i'm not with him, i always think about being in his arms and cuddling with and just hanging out with him and being around him in general. It makes me cry because I miss him so much. Like, sometimes when im in laying in bed at night, i think about laying next to him and just being in his arms and it makes me cry because, right now, we can't do that because we're both

This Is What Happens In Your Brain When You Miss Your Partner, & It’s Really Intense

Being apart from loved ones is always difficult, especially when that person is your significant other. While it's okay to miss them, it's also important to take care of yourself and your emotional health. Learning to cope with missing your partner involves the same steps no matter how long you will be apart.

I am in love with someone. Any advice? She knows this. With or without them. She will always be my angel, I cry at the mere thought of her. I wish I could just simply hold her, with my lips against her neck, and the smell of her skin.

What to Remember When You Miss Your Boyfriend

I love writing about relationships, love, romance, and flirting. I hope you find the advice in my articles useful. Being apart from someone you care about can be tough, especially if you two share a deep bond and you do many activities together. Not having your boyfriend around for a substantial period can seem like torture at times. However, instead of letting yourself be consumed by sadness, find a more positive mindset. It is important for you to accept that being apart from your boyfriend is healthy, you both need some time on your own.

Aug 20, - It makes me cry because I miss him so much. Like, sometimes when im in laying in bed at night, i think about laying next to him and just being in  7 answers.

The longing that comes from missing someone can range from minor feelings of sadness to downright agony depending on the relationship and the amount of time you've been apart. Naturally, missing your SO is a totally normal reaction to being separated from them. Whether you're apart for weeks, or if distance is a constant fixture in your relationship — we can all agree that pining after someone who isn't physically with you really sucks.

Is it okay to cry because I miss my boyfriend?

These ten tips will comfort and cheer you, and perhaps even help you blossom in ways you never thought possible. I know my constantly saying how much I miss him makes my boyfriend frustrated. I want to be happy in myself, whether or not my boyfriend is here with me.

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